When Traveling | Guest Post By Rachel

ten things to do while traveling.

  1. Keep your eyes, heart, mind open.
  2. Love the people even if they’re different.
  3. Recognize the humanity in all of us.
  4. Absorb & discern.
  5. Put the filter on your Instagram pictures, but not on the way you view things or how you know God views things. It is what it is. And it isn’t what it isn’t.
  6. Listen to the sounds of the city.
  7. Listen to songs while traveling or walking around. They’ll help you remember things, later on, that you wouldn’t normally remember.
  8. Breathe.
  9. Learn.
  10. On the ride home? And after you get back? Remember. Remember what it felt like to be walking around the haze-covered streets with multitudes of other people you’ll never meet, remember what it felt like to eat freshly fried fish at high noon with sweat on your skin and salt on your lips, remember what it felt like to sit quietly in the subway and watch everyone’s gazes follow each other, then quickly jerk away when eye contact was made. We shy away from connection; why do we do that?

Traveling is more than the place. It’s more than you experiencing the place. To be able to recognize our differences and see the evolution of cultures and yet still be able to know that, underneath, we’re all human?
That’s special. So keep it.

Rachel | Silver Mess | Instagram


  1. Keeping an open mind is so important. AH I love this blog! GUYS> GOOD JOB!


Be kind. xo