Paper Comets, Winter Issue: Contributor Call!

Today, we are excited to announce the theme for the winter issue of Paper Comets! For two months we have collected your feedback and have placed an immense amount of effort to utilize the constructive criticism received in order to make Freckled Minds work in an improved, cohesive matter. After many weeks of deliberation, the topic has been set!

Revelation. As we grow, our perceptions of various aspects change, and perhaps we uncover something that is important that we haven't discovered or made known to us before. Often, these revelations are most abundant during our adolescent years, where we are slowly morphing from young children to beautiful, independent fine women. Where it be that today's beauty standards are difficult to define, or allowing yourself to cry in a place that says to conceal your feels, to finding strength in the tiniest places, perhaps in a coffee shop while reading Pride and Prejudice with your back against the brick wall or watching Downton Abbey wallowed up in blankets at seven in the morning, there is something out there that everyone has discovered, and something out there that everyone can share.

Yup! Many of our feedback responses have asked to have an even combination of all of the art forms. In order for us to accomplish this, we will ask our fellow contributors to rank their top three preferred mediums. Later, we'll notify what mediums you'll be using. This does sound a bit restricting-- we're not a huge fan of this method, either, but since we don't have a large base of readers and contributors to draw in from and  would like some variety, we believe this is the best way, for now, for allowing this aspect to run.

There are others changes that will be implemented, but they are diminutive in size, so there's no need to sweat about it. 

October 5th - 19th: Contributor submission form will be open.
October 22nd: Email sent out about what medium(s) will be used.
November 12th: Author photo, extra photo(s), bio, and guest post due.
November 19th: Content submissions due.
December 7th: Issue released.



4 Healthy Habits to Add Into Your Routine | Guest Post by Autumn

>> Set aside some time to just relax.  This is really important, especially during the school year, but also throughout the whole year.  If you work mostly inside, take some time to go out and walk around a little! It’s good for you and it helps you to refocus on the task at hand.  Also make sure to take mental breaks.  THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. (And no I do not mean relax mentally by scrolling on Instagram ;) If your mind just keeps running and running, soon you’re going to be grumpy and definitely not feeling very inspired or happy. So remember – relax.  Don’t keep running around in circles all day.  Sit down, think and refocus.  Trust me, it is so worth it and your body will thank you.

>> Snack healthy.  I am a HUGE snacker.  I love eating (duh) and, obviously, because of that I like to snack throughout the day.  And that’s definitely not a bad thing! But one thing that I’ve been trying to work on is reaching for healthier foods when I want to snack.  Because of my huge sweet tooth, I usually want to grab something sugary (OREOS ANYBODY?), but I’ve found that something like granola (which is equally delicious) or yogurt is so much more better and filling.  Plus, it helps my mind feel more energized and last longer without wanting to crash.

>> Get an early start.  And I mean this in everything! Try it out for a day.  Get up earlier than usual, even if it’s only a half hour, and get a head start on your day.  If there’s a project at work or school that really needs done but, well, you're like me and a procrastinating perfectionist then instead of pushing it off further, sit down and JUST DO IT. It’s so worth it; you’ll get things done sooner, and THE FEELING IS UNBEATABLE.  I’ve been trying to apply this to long-term projects that I know are coming up.  If I can start working on it ahead of time and get it done earlier, it helps so much rather than trying to throw things together the night before the deadline.

>> Commit to your plans.  So I feel that this one kind of goes without saying, but if you have plans for something, don’t flake on yourself! Be committed.  Be dedicated to your work.  Train yourself and do it.  When you decide that you’re going to accomplish what you’re going to accomplish, chances are you probably will.  Whether this is in your plans to relax or for work, if you stick to it and do it, you’ll feel so much more better at the end of the day.


These are just a few tips that I thought of.   I’ve been trying to incorporate these into my daily routine, and I can tell you – IT PAYS OFF!

I hope that these ideas can give you some inspiration as we head into the lovely season of fall!

have a fantastic day :)