Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines
• The content on this site, the affiliated social media and zines, may contain suggestive material that may not be suitable for those younger than fourteen. For this reason the creative team has decided to implement the rule that only those within the general demographic we aim to, 14+, can submit content. The only exception may be if you email us with an example of your artistic portfolio, and are made with a case-to-case basis.

• Despite allowing the discussion of some of the more mature subjects, we do not except extreme explicit content. If we view it being too extreme, will decline your submission.

 • Also, despite the submission of content, that does not mean your piece will be within the final finished product. If we feel that your content does not fit our theme in any way, we will contact you.

• The views of the expressed pieces do not necessarily reflect the views that the overall art community has.

• Your contribution, no matter what medium, must fall under the theme and our rules. It also must be and look professional. Failure to comply with either with these will result in a request to not submit or interact with Freckled Minds.

• You must be willing to send in your contributions on time.

 • Once the zine is published, if, for any reason, you wish for us to remove your submitted work from the issue, we cannot change it. The process is slightly altered for when it is your content on blog posts or any of our social media-- those we can delete.

• Every issue, we will have a different color scheme. Attempt to make your submission have the same feel as the color scheme.

• We only allow for two pages maximum per zine issue from each contributor, so keep that in mind, and the content must abide by the rules listed beneath the terms and agreements of contribution.

• We ask for your work submitted to either of the zines or for guest post to be exclusively on here for the first three months. Afterwards, feel free to repost it as long as you include a standard attribution (for example: "This piece originally appeared on the Freckled Minds blog").

Medium Rules
• CREATIVE WRITING & NONFICTION: Writing must generally be less than 1,000 words. It cannot be fan fiction. If you submitting a personal essay / memoir piece involving the mentioning of different individuals, we ask to create a mom de plume for them, in order to respect and protect their privacy.

• POETRY: Must not surpass 500 words, or ten stanzas. All of the following rules listed above and within the general contribution agreement apply.

• PHOTOGRAPHY: Edit the photo's overall image however you wish to artistically style it, but we ask that upon submission, it will be sent with the largest original dimensions possible (often this is 4608 x 3456).

• PHYSICAL MEDIUMS: Examples within this category would be usage or rendering of oil pastels, paints, hand lettering, etc. These must be scanned and rendered, as we do not have a PO submission box for you to send it for us to scan it ourselves.

• COLLAGES: May consist of a combination of photographs, stickers, any form of mediums, etc. Make sure to keep within the theme & that the collage is scannable. It is also recommended that the usage of any sort of photo or content from another published source may not be used OR will have the original owner's credit listed, in order to prevent any sort of copyright mishap or issues.

• GUEST POSTS: it must go down to with our zine(s) themes.

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