The First Issue of Paper Comets

Hi! I am extremely excited to introduce to you all a collaborative project that we have been working on for the past several months: the zine, Paper Comets!

The history about Paper Comets and Freckled Minds is this: both of the founders rarely ever interacted in the blogging world, except for the occasional comments every once in awhile. One lazy summer day, the idea of creating a yearbook anthology sort of thing for the 2016 blogging community strolled into Morning's mind, around the same time Ava brainstormed an idea for creating a community zine. The two emailed each other at around the same time on the exact same day.

Great minds think alike, huh?

Both founders decided to collaborate together to create a creative hub community, known as Freckled Minds, and since both of us each wanted to do our own little thing, we both created our own zines: Ava's zine is Sacred Zine Club (publish date to be determined), focused more towards the visual arts aspect, while Morning's would mainly overlook Paper Comets, the zine focused more towards the word-writing aspect and the idea of artistic vision.

For Paper Comets, roughly fifteen bloggers gathered together to share their artistic talents, and now, we are ready to reveal the final product that has been in the works for over fifteen months! 

Our theme for our first issue was words: words that we felt were important to us. Tell us what you all think! We're constantly looking for contributors, both in the zine and the Freckled Minds site, so if you are a female creative mind over the age of fourteen, looking for a platform to cultivate your personal artistic voice, this is a platform that can potentially bring you out to a larger audience! We're expanding out to more electronic mediums: songwriting and film making are a few to name. If you wouldn't mind, could you possibly provide us feedback using the form below? And if you would like to contribute, visit the link here.

We hope you enjoy the first issue of Paper Comets (and possibly we will see you contribute soon)!


  1. This is literally the best thing ever. Can't wait for the next one!!

  2. I'm so honored to have been part of this beautiful experience. <3

    Ava and Morning, the overall magazine looks absolutely stunning. You two did such a good job. :) I can't wait to be part of the winter issue! ;)

    xx Mackenzie

  3. THIS WAS SO COOL!!! so happy to be part of this!

  4. I LOVE THIS!!! I am going to read more later since I am short on time but this idea is brilliant. BRILLIANT! You guys rock!

  5. This zine is adorable and every page is pure genius! 💕


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