FM Update, Fall 2016

We are now accepting contributor forms for the winter zines (themes and more info coming soon)!!
Are you or your friends young creative teenagers yearning to seek a platform to allow your artistic talent to shine? Then you've come by the right place! 
If you're within the age range of fourteen to post-college graduate, then fill out a contributor form to find out how you can be a part of our neat-o projects. 
Too busy to commit? Don't worry, we have a whole list of other options:

1) Interact with us on social media. We're available on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Tag photos or tweets of your artistic projects or other activities that you have been up to recently, using #FreckledMinds, and your photo may just be featured on our social medias for the weekend! You can also submit photos to us via our email, freckledminds[at]gmail[dot]com to potentially have your photos incorporated into future zine issues!

2) Guest post. Guest posts can be written on virtually any subject, although we do have a certain set of general guidelines listed here. We accept any medium: art, writing, collages, even videos: i.e. beat poetry, song covers, short films, and dances! For inquires, please email us with the subject line, "Freckled Minds Guest Post."

3) Name an artist. At Freckled Minds, we are hoping to expand outside of the US blogging community and meet more individuals from various countries and walks of life, such as fellow songwriters, video producers, prose speakers, landscape photographers-- and we'd like for them to meet you to and potentially inspire all of us! If you have a friend within any of these fields of interests, invite them over to see Freckled Minds.

4) Suggest ideas. Ideas and imagination are both the epitome for creative minds. Have an idea on a social media theme or a post series we could do? Share it with us via our email, using the subject line, "Suggestions."

We can't wait to meet you!
Morning & Ava

Ps. We have a new editor, Nicole! She will now be in charge of organizing and editing all non-accouncment posts. :)

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