The Backstory
How did the birth of Freckled Minds come to be?
One day, during the summer of 2016, both of the founders had stumbled along the idea of creating a zine alongside several of their blogging friends, and contacted each other within the same day to each contribute to the other's project. Coincidence? Perhaps, but this drew them to a grander idea, to combine both projects and help create a strong sense of camaraderie within the banks of the creative community, thus beginning the journey of Freckled Minds.

Who are the founders of Freckled Minds?
Ava and Morning are the founders of Freckled Minds. To learn more about them, visit the "The Founders" page under the "About" tab.

How can I contribute?
The central two ways to contribute would be to submit to either of our zines or our social media and blog. For zine contributions, please see the following pages located under the "Submit" and "Projects" tag for specifics on how to send things in for entry.

Who can contribute?
We prefer teenaged girls fourteen and up, though we will make a case-by-case judgement if there is a request from someone to contribute from under the age group. Many of the contributors here are bloggers, however, that does not exclude one from contributing even if they don't blog! As long as you are able to show us a portfolio encompassing the medium category you dwell in, that that will be good enough.

What is a zine? 
Pronounced 'zeen' as in 'magazine', a zine is a self-published artistic magazine or booklet. Before the ability to publish online, zines were distributed by making hundreds of copies, stapling them together, and placing them (most often for free) wherever the artistic and/or politically interested youth gathered.