9 Creative Ways to Spend Your Lazy Days | Guest Post by Mackenzie Rae

+ Write
It could be anything- just write! Lazy days are days to get away from the normal everyday things you do. They are the kind of days where you can do the extra things you've been wanting to do. Basically, the senseless things that don't fit in with your "productive" category. Get what I mean? Or nah?

+ Draw Characters For Your Book
Currently writing a book or a short story? I like to go on Pinterest and look at sketches of characters (like this) and try to draw my own version of them. I find that so much fun.

- In Case You Don't Like to Draw
You can still go on Pinterest and look at drawings or photographs of characters to inspire you for your upcoming story! Want to get started? Check out my Storyboard.
(note from the editors: you can also try out zentangling, or print out detailed coloring pages. heres a neat one from argonaut nation )

+ Watch YouTube videos
From your favorite YouTuber to tutorials. Get those headphones on and your favorite snack, it's time to waste an hour or two on YouTube. It can be one of the best ways to get inspiration! Second to Pinterest, of course. ;)

+ Clean Your Room
I know I probably sound like your mother right now, but I actually like cleaning my room. It allows me to clear my mind and grasp onto new ideas. It is also a way I can get lost in all the things I own. I tend to get distracted every time I clean my room, but I don't mind. I like to rearrange it as well, it makes it look new and different. Change is good (remember that).

+ Take a Photoshoot
Get your creative juices flowing and snap a few shots to post on Instagram. I highly recommend using the VSCO app for filters. It saved my life. Key: lighting is everything.  

+ Journal
Go outside (or stay inside), it's time to get out that journal you promised you would fill up. Just fill a few pages with doodles and small writing pieces. I never said it had to make sense, as long as the words are there and your mind is flowing into your pen and onto the paper.

+ Bake
Yes, it's time to get that cupcake recipe you've been dying to try. I know I like baking when there's nothing else to do. It’s also creatively yummy. ;)

+ Write to an old friend
There is a certain art for when it comes to writing letters. If you like to create, then this is perfect! Draw little doodles on the outside of your envelopes- give the postman a smile!


Well, those were a few things I do on lazy days or what I might do. (Not saying I do all of those things because most of the time I just stare at a blank wall. Haha- I'm not kidding.)


  1. I love this post idea! It's so much fun. These are all things that I LOVE to do- I really need to have a lazy day sometime soon. I loved this, Kenzie!! <3 :)

    1. Thank you so much, Grace! <3 :)

      xx Mackenzie


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