What is art? How do we, as artists, grow, and how can we connect with other creative-minded individuals?

Hello, and welcome to Freckled Minds, an art collective for and by teen girls. Here you will find updates on our newest projects, in process shots, tips and tricks on creating, and inspiring interviews. We believe in the expression and growth of personal artistic voice via the interaction a creative mind has with her surroundings and community. Below are some of the upcoming projects we have in store.

Sacred Zine Club!, edited and designed by Ava:
The goal for this zine was to create a beautiful and nostalgic piece of tangible art.
Sacred Zine Club (official title has yet to be determined) is a collection of personally significant memories, small snippets of the contributing artists' life they never want to forget.
Currently it includes the talents of Nicole, Cia, Rebekah "Ke'alohi" Wang, Adelaide, Nina, Kathryn, and MorningTime4, and is scheduled to print mid-August.

Paper Comets, edited and designed by Morning:
The cultivation and of personal voice, especially during the teenage years, is exceptionally important, and that is the primary goal with Paper Comets. Unlike its sister magazine, Seasons Zine, Paper Comets will be distributed digitally for free. After brainstorming for many days over a theme, the collective decision for the first issue is to base the theme around words, each choosing a word or a set of words and conveying what it means to them, instilling their own personal touches in various mediums. All talented minds behind our first issue are wonderful ladies, hailing from different parts of the globe and different blogging eras, eager to share their creative mindset: Hannah, Katie, Anna, Ava, Bethan, Rose, Mackenzie, Olivia, Abbie, Rachel, Sophia, Grace, Autumn, and Mary Shelley. The tentative release date is late August through early September.

There are other ways to contribute sans the magazine, and there are two we wish to share with you right now. Excluding the founders' blogs and this blog, we are looking for about seven to nine volunteers who are willing to help host a blog tour to promote Freckled Minds, a tentative end date around September 1st. Once the idea's plans are more solidified, we will make another announcement. If you are interested, comment below or contact us via the contact form! Another way to contribute is to send us your photos, either of you working on the magazine projects or engaging in other artistic endeavors, and we may just feature them on our social media! Lastly, we are also asking to ask us more questions for our FAQ about things that you are unsure of.

As time passes, we will frequently be updating this blog with more announcements and other goodies, so be sure to keep an eye on that!  Be sure to follow our Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep up with us virtually, 24/7. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to that you enjoy exploring Freckled Minds.

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